What is an ISO/IEC 27001?

ISO/IEC 27001 is the best known standard providing requirements for an information security management system (ISMS). This standard is very useful to mitigate threats of your organization’s information systems. ISO 27001 is the most globally accepted and the only auditable standard for Information Security.

An ISO/IEC 27001 gives a systematic approach for managing sensitive company information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and technology.

It helps small, medium and large businesses from any sector to secure their information assets. Information security is becoming a need for every organization in modern business.

Benefits of ISO/IEC 27001 (ISMS):

ISO/IEC 27001 is strategically a great tool which helps companies to face most demanding information security challenges of modern business. This standard ensures efficient business operations, increase productivity and enable companies to access new markets.

  •   Very helpful to win new business and to retain your existing customers
  •   Strengthen your internal management and optimization of processes
  •   Enhanced customer satisfaction and critical data protection
  •   Cost saving with improved process, technology management and reduced security breaches
  •   Protect and enhance your reputation
  •   Supporting to comply with business, legal, contractual and regulatory requirements
  •   Build credibility and trust in internal and external stakeholders
  •   Better visibility of risks amongst interested stakeholders
  •   Meet customer and tender requirements
  •   Best tool to reduce third party scrutiny of your information security requirements
  •   Improves your ability to survive in business with business continuity and disaster recovery
  •   Greater Awareness and Vigilance Across Staff
  •   Continuous improvements and quality in internal business functions via audits
  •   Can integrate with other management system standards

How can you achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification?

We provides implementation consulting for ISO/IEC 27001 international standard. We have developed own approach for ISO/IEC 27001 implementation. We understand that Information Security Management System (ISMS) has to be a customized suit for every organization. However, the broad approach that will be followed by our highly qualified consultants will be as per best practices in the industry.

Why ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd.

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