4 Recent Cyber Crime Incidents that went unnoticed

4 Recent Cyber Crime Incidents that went unnoticed

Even Mark Zuckerberg is not spared!

The twitter and pinterest social media accounts of Mark Zuckerberg were hacked over the weekend by a group called OurMind Team. The OurMind team claims to have accessed the Instagram account as well, but later it was confirmed by Facebook that the Instagram account was not accessed. The team also claims that the Facebook CEO used the same password for other accounts on social networking sites, a cardinal mistake from the point of view of information security.

The Team said that they were just testing the security of social media account of Zuckerberg. There has been no report available as to how that account was hacked. The tweets made by the group on twitter are available as screenshots on various sites. The primary reason for the account getting hacked could be the leaked data of linkedin account of Mark Zuckerberg.

Lessons learnt;

  • Never use the same password for multiple website
  • Use only strong alphanumeric and unique passwords

More than 2500 Twitter Accounts compromised: Adult content/link posted

The Twitter accounts are comprised to tweet links to website containing adult dating and sex personal.  The comprised accounts are used to like tweets and follow other users , rather than Tweeting to the users directly. The profile pictures, names, information of the users are changed accordingly so as to promote the content in tweets. Each of the links tweeted includes sexually suggestive photos and shortened links using Bitly or google’s URL shortened claims to offer free sign ups. According to Symantec’s investigation the account using weak passwords or re-used passwords are easily hacked. The hackers managed to get the passwords from a previous data breach of other social media networks. The ultimate motive of hackers is to trick people to click on the link which ends upto adult Sites. The accounts which are hacked had large number of followers.

IRCTC hacked?

IRCTC denied that the website was not hacked. The data of the users is safe. But according to sources , the Maharashtra Government confirms the IRCTC website was hacked and upto 1 crore account details were potentially compromised and being sold in CDs for 15k . According to IRCTC, an enquiry is being conducted regarding alleged data theft. The senior IRCTC official said that IRCTC has formed a high level six member committee to look into the case. The findings of the committee are awaited. In july last year, the CBI had come into picture and had arrested an assistant manager of IRCTC for allegedly interfering with IRCTC ticket booking system.


Users are suggested to reset the login credentials for IRCTC website as well as for the IRCTC logins connected apps like Yatra or MakeMyTrip).

Flipkart CEO , Binny Bansal’ s email account spoofed, not hacked.

The email account of Binny Bansal was spoofed and not hacked. The hacker sent two emails from the account on behalf of Binny Bansal to the CFO of company Sanjay Baweja, asking him to transfer $80000 to his bank account. The details regarding the email was discussed by the two in person and found that they were fake mails.  Hence , a complaint was filed at CID’s Cyber Crime Cell. According to CID an advance technique was used by the hacker to spoof E-mail which involves use of a forged email header to make it look like a legitimate email. The two emails were reportedly sent from Hong Kong and Canada at the same time using same server in Russia. Use of appropriate SPAM filters, helps blocking inbound spoofed E-Mails. Users are advised to learn to read email message headers and check domain names and IP addresses which helps to identify spoofed E-Mails.

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