Some of the illegal activities that form a part of Digital Crimes & Frauds where, our experts conduct Digital Forensic Investigations helping individuals and organizations.

  •   Harassment via e-mails
  •   Dissemination of obscene material
  •   Defamation
  •   Unauthorized access over computer system
  •   Indecent exposure
  •   Hacking
  •   Financial frauds and crimes
  •   Sale of illegal articles
  •   Voyeurism
  •   Email spoofing
  •   Cheating and Fraud
  •   Compromised Customer data
  •   Intellectual Property crimes
  •   Identity theft
  •   Theft of trade secrets
  •   Online gambling
  •   Forgery
  •   Internet time thefts
  •   Possession of unauthorized information
  •   Cyber terrorism against government organization
  •   Distribution of Pirated Software
  •   Pornography
  •   Unauthorized disclosure of internal and confidential information

Cyber Crime and Fraud Investigation

Collect digital evidence and establish reliable audit
trails of electronic misconduct.

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Data Leakage Analysis

We help companies and organizations to detect and perform analysis of possible data leakage via electronic medium.

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E-Mail Recovery and Analysis

E-Mails are one of the most crucial evidentiary factors in almost every case litigated nowadays.

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Incident Response

We provides rapid repression and eradication of threats and minimize the impact of a security breach.

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Data Recovery

Data recovery is a technique to recover data from damaged, corrupt and in-accessible devices like memory card, hard disk drives, CD/DVD and so on.

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