In this Internet age, many organizations are exposed to threats and vulnerabilities. Changing policies and standards at stipulated intervals can help manage or oversee risks and keep them off radar. Organizations worldwide are experiencing data security breaches, proliferation of sophisticated malware and ransomware attacks. To avoid this, an enterprise-wide approach to detect, identify, respond and recover cyber risks is the need of the hour. Here are 5 key considerations to cement a strong cyber security foundation.

Set Out Clear Objectives

First things first. In order to combat security breaches, it is essential to set out clear objectives. Prioritize them as per the degree of vulnerability and identify weak spots that can be easily breached. Implement monitoring measures for early detection and response to any suspicious activity.

Identify Assets to Establish Cyber Security Priorities

Putting together a comprehensive list of the enterprise’s critical information, important applications, databases, network and other assets is the first major step after objectives have been set. Assessing the organization and assets, from any potential attacker’s point of view can help determine the easiest targets and deter infliction of damage on them.

Determine Areas of Vulnerability

Critical assets and their levels of sensitivity can vary across sectors. In order to determine such assets, checking the database and analyzing security measures is essential. Identifying asset availability to users, assets where security can be the weakest, controls in place to protect them and potential attackers can be the next step. Timely detection of a potential attack and its potential response methods to form a framework for cyber security should be included in the strategy.

Deploy the right technology and personnel

As much as investing in the right technology is important, it is also essential to deploy personnel who know their job well. The ideal combination of right technology, processes and skilled team will ensure the assets are protected and the organization is shielded from any cyber threat. The team can include analysts, auditors, chief information security officer, ethical hackers, forensic experts, incident responders, pen testers, and security engineers and architects.

Assess Overall Cyber Security Awareness

Periodic education and evaluation of cybersecurity can help assess the overall awareness in an organization. With the cybersecurity landscape rife with hackers, malware and other threats, it is always beneficial to be updated on the latest software and training methods.A well-done and well-maintained cybersecurity strategy can not only prove to be a worthwhile investment but also form a secure wireframe around a company’s assets.

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