Gone are the days where companies used to store all vital information as hard copies, sifting through which used to be a Herculean task. With the advent of technology, everything has become digital and available at a click. However, as simple as it seems, digitizing also has its cons. Intellectual property is exposed to a number of security threats and can be hacked.

A hacker can be anyone, who utilizes his knowledge of computers and regardless of intentions, breaks down to bypass security measures on a computer, device or network. As an organization, you need to know and think like a hacker to understand the vulnerabilities and know the reason for being a target. Here are some things to know about hackers:

  • The first thought that may come will be, how did the hacker find me? Mostly, there’s nothing personal in a hacker targeting a particular computer or network. Glitches and vulnerability in the system are attractions for a hacker, who may steal information and sell in the online black market, to earn easy bucks.
  • Hackers do their homework thoroughly before attacking a company. They may know more details, probably than any of the employees. They spend hours studying the company to know what they’re after, where to find it, and what kinds of systems and networks and related vulnerabilities they may encounter, before planning a strike.
  • Due to this in-depth knowledge, hackers can easily find the easiest possible way to access vital information. Weak security measures by the company, privileges given to employees, stolen credentials, and vulnerability of administrative accounts are backdoor through which a hacker may access and steal essential details.
  • A hacker’s main focus is to target vulnerable information, unlike a company’s which has to run the business and daily operations. Basically, hackers have more time on their hands than organizations. To defeat them, a company needs to have proactive cybersecurity strategy that keeps it ahead of the hacker.
  • The hacker chain is a never-ending one. Even if one hacker goes out of business or is brought under justice, a number of new cyber criminals join the fray everyday to replace him.

Your systems are susceptible to the threats that hackers and online predators pose, if you haven’t deployed proper security measures. An unprotected system is like an open invitation to any hacker, hence become proactive to take control of your company’s overall cyber security, search and rectify vulnerabilities before hackers attack.

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