The EU (European Union) passes the law on data protection and privacy for all individual known as GDPR. General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most important change in data privacy regulation in last 20 years. The regulation will fundamentally reshape the way in which data is handled across every sector, from healthcare to banking and beyond.

The General Data Protection Regulation is a European Union privacy law effective from 25th May 2018. It increases restrictions on what organizations can do with your data, and it extends the rights of individuals to access and control data about them. It merely focuses on personal Identifiable Information (PII)

GDPR is a regulation that requires businesses to protect the personal data and privacy of EU citizens for transactions that occur worldwide. Non-compliance could cost companies dearly.


  • GDPR is important because it improves the protection of European individual’s rights and clarifies the guidelines for companies that process personal data must do to safeguard these rights.
  • Safeguard the Compliance/Law
  • Enhance Your Cybersecurity
  • Improve Data Management
  • Increase Marketing Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Boost Audience Loyalty and Trust
  • Greater Awareness and Vigilance Across Staff
  • Meet customer and tender requirements


We provide implementation consulting for GDPR international standard. We understand the needs of Information Security Management System (ISMS), Laws, and Technical Details in the area of GDPR. ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd backed with strong legal team to draft policies required for GDPR. We provide customized approach to GDPR for each and every organization. We have the team of consultants having the sound knowledge that help us to follow unique and customized approach to become GDPR complaint

Services we provide.

  • DPO - The primary role of the data protection officer (DPO) is to ensure that organization processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals in compliance with the applicable with Data protection rules. It may be the internal employee who can act as DPO or organization may appoint the external DPO. We ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt. Ltd, acts like external DPO that helps the client’s organization to mitigate the internal security related issues raised in the audit.
  • Policy implementations.
  • GAP analysis
  • VAPT.