Cyber security is of utmost importance these days, given the number malware and ransomware the systems and networks are exposed to. Organizations have an in-house team for threat management, while some of them also outsource this to security operations centres (SOCs). Many companies may compromise on the quality and services provided owing to high cost of hiring an SOC. However, this can only lead to the company assets being vulnerable to security attacks.

Security operation centres can vary as per the company’s requirement and the services provided by them are implemented according to an organization’s structural cybersecurity priorities and risk tolerance. Some businesses may require incident detection and remediation services, while a few others may need support on coordinating incident responders and handling incident response communication.

Selecting an appropriate SOC provider is a critical decision. Since every organization may have different requirements, choosing a provider, who has proven experience and expertise in that specific industry, will be ideal. Also the service provider should have a strong customer retention rate and offer performance-based service level agreements. Here are some salient services that a security operations centre should provide:

  • Hiring Hackers in Tor network
  • Monitored or managed firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, or unified threat management technology
  • Monitoring advanced threat defence technology
  • Managed email and web security gateways
  • Analysis and triage of real-time data feeds such as system alerts from information systems and applications, to check for potential incidents
  • Monitored vulnerability scanning of applications, information systems and customer deployed SIEM technologies
  • Analysis and data correlation of monitored devices and incident response
  • Standardization and storage of security logs, data feeds and user reports

The range of services offered by SOC service providers can be overwhelming and not every organization may need all of them. Hence, zeroing in on the services as per requirements is essential. Identifying those services, such as cybersecurity controls, of most value for a company is the first step in this process. The next step is to identify areas where the organization may require assistance such as technical challenges, threat intelligence, etc. Outsourced SOC services, if properly implemented and managed, can prove to be a vital part of an organization’s cybersecurity program. A careful evaluation of all the SOC providers, before opting for one is a smart way to effectively and efficiently improve the business’s security operations.

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