Darknet is a connection of hidden networks that is not accessible to the public and whose architecture is super-imposed with that of the internet. Over the past decade, there has been a considerable buzz around Darknet and its usage. Though it is notorious as an underground marketplace for criminal activities, if used right Darknet can help improve the ROI of an organization.

There exists a criminal marketplace in this deep web, where advertising, buying, selling and soliciting take place. However, using the right tools and tactics, specific areas can be monitored to impact your organization’s ROI. In order to use Darknet to tap maximum ROI, it is essential to create a strategy that is dedicated to research and response context to determine the relevant value for the organization. It is also necessary to know the differences between normal web and Darknet.

Managing Darknet research and response can be an expensive affair, as it involves heavy Human Intelligence (HUMINT) components. Managing large numbers of monikers (or hidden identities) is not a simple matter. These operations are quite time-consuming and may need highly-trained and experienced staff to manage each persona. A number of organizations employ third party services to collect primary data and act upon the intelligence.

Every level of Darknet comprises marketplace interactions and meta-data, providing essential data for real-time, predictive and reactive monitoring for research and response. This multilevel monitoring provides real value to an organization that is looking for visibility into information leaks, unauthorized disclosures and possible breaches.

Another element in Darknet that can increase the ROI in an organization is infrastructure monitoring. With a focused and targeted strategy, organizations can lower the number of incidents and threats, and using metrics these threats can be reduced. This approach of targeted research and response, though expensive in comparison with the traditional IT and security measures, offers higher ROI to an organization.

Similar to the internet, Darknet is an ever evolving entity. Integrating Darknet intelligence for your organization should be done with proper staffing and acting only on those resources that are productive for the enterprise.

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