Data Leak Analysis

Every enterprise possesses sensitive data and securing the same is of paramount importance. Data Leak is an unauthorized transfer of classified information from a computer or datacenter to the outside world. Data leakage can be accomplished by either mentally remembering what was seen, by physical removal of tapes, disks and reports or by rather subtle means such as data hiding (see steganography). Sensitive data of companies and organizations include Intellectual Property (IP), financial information, patient information, personal credit-card data, and other valuable data depending on the business and the industry. Data leakage imposes a serious concern today for most of the organizations, considering the sheer number of such incidents in the recent past and cost borne by victims which continues to increase. Thus, the risk of confidential information falling into unauthorized hands is omnipresent.


  • It difficult to identify data leaks occurring over encrypted channels.
  • It is sometimes not easy to configure and control employee’s access to corporate data repositories.
  • The ability to process large content, e.g., megabytes to terabytes, and can be deployed in distributed environments where the operating nodes are owned by third-party service providers.
  • Privacy is a major concern when outsourcing data leak detection to third-party vendors.
  • The outsourced data to third-party vendors may be transformed or modified by different users or applications.
  • Brand value and Reputational damage
  • Loss of Personal and Financial data
  • Compromising highly sensitive data of organization
  • Loss of Intellectual Property
  • Control over data flow in organization
  • Segregation of access and control rights
  • Unmeasurable, Uncontrolled and not visible
  • Ruinous to reputation and integrity of business
  • Bad publicity of organization in market


We help companies and organizations to detect and perform analysis of possible vulnerabilities with regard to data leakage via electronic medium. Our expertise involves strategic definition of the tools and techniques used to uncover the facts surrounding the breach. Our approach will be carefully phased to allow you to control, priorities and guide the investigation. Our expert professionals work closely with your team to understand the data processing channels and equipment. Our experts have unparalleled experience in the use of forensic software and protocols to perform data collection and data preservation in the wake of a data leak. We handle evidence with proven, forensically sound methodology, using data recovery tools and processes that are supported by case law. We also have the experience to accurately interpret findings, turning data points into a clear story and timeline that can be presented in court.

As being ISO 27001 certified organization, we affirm that confidentiality of client data coming into our offices and computer systems is maintained as per best practices of ISO 27001. Our team members are Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation (CHFI) certified and well-versed in the most specialized data recovery tools and processes. Our experts employ forensically accurate processes, including appropriate chain of custody and documentation. We understand case law regarding the accuracy and reliability of digital tools. Our team members have the experience to accurately interpret findings, turning data points into a clear story and timeline that can be presented in court.

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