E-Mail Recovery and Analysis

Tremendous technical and electronic prowess in the recent past has enabled widespread and cost effective digital communications and correspondences. Today, email is rampant and most preferred communication medium for transaction of messages, delivery of documents, carrying out of transactions. Over 100 trillion emails are sent a year, making it a crucial evidentiary component in every case litigated today. Email is the primary mode of correspondence and usually includes crucial data (both professional and personal). Loss of a single email can, therefore, have dire consequences. We realize the value of data that every email embeds within itself. It could be an important business correspondence that gets deleted mistakenly or it can be a valuable communication between clients or colleagues. Thus, it can be quite distressing when such emails are lost. Our E-mail recovery and analysis service includes investigation of e-mails sent or received, deleted e-mails, malicious files received via e-mails.


  • Large volume of data sent over e-mail
  • Virus attacks or malware intrusions via e-mails
  • Inaccessibility due to anti-virus applications
  • Hard drive failure or device breakdown
  • Accidental deletion of email files or attachments
  • Deletion due to partitioning and formatting
  • Bad sectors resulting in file corruption
  • Operating system breakdown or hardware malfunction
  • Personal and Financial data loss
  • Loss of Intellectual Property
  • Peer-to-Peer Encrypted Communication
  • Inconsistent Email protocols
  • Data transfer over personal E-Mail ID
  • Variety of E-mail Systems
  • Corrupted or deleted artifacts


ANA Cyber Forensic (E-mail Recovery Experts) professionals work closely with desktop as well as web email file formats to recover and analyze e-mails. We hold expertise in recovering corrupted and lost PST files, data repository for Microsoft Outlook. Initially, we begin with analyzing the storage media to ascertain reasons for data loss. It helps us discover any signs that could interrupt and prevent the recovery of data in any form. We shall image the original storage drive and start working with the cloned copy. We shall examine the file layout and once the directory with email files and attachments are detected, we shall employ advanced email recovery tools to extract the files and restore your data.

If emails are being sent via web based services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. our Legal Experts will guide you with the initiation of legal proceedings for tackling the situation. Our ISO 27001 certification ensures full confidentiality of your organizational data. All your organizational data coming to our offices like client information, project information etc. are kept confidential with the best practices of ISO 27001.

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