Incident Response

An intrusion or attack can be frustrating or even mentally demanding at times—as is the case with a physical attack on any person, the emotional reactions can make it difficult to exercise good judgment and make the correct decisions about how to respond. One can certainly be better prepared and equipped to handle such a situation judiciously. Incident Response comprises of a set of instructions for managing cyberattack or any form of security breach. Incident Response is an organized approach to addressing and managing the aftermath of a security breach or attack (also known as, ‘incident’). The goal is to handle the situation in a way that limits damage and reduces recovery time and costs. An incident response plan includes a policy that defines, in specific terms, as to what constitutes an incident and provides a step-by-step process that should be followed when such an incident occurs. Incident response (IR) plans are designed to test your company’s ability to respond to a security incident. The ultimate goal is to handle the situation in a manner that limits the damage to the business while reducing recovery time and costs.


  • Proper preparation and planning for handling incident
  • The Internet of Things poses a unique security risk for companies and consumers alike.
  • With siloed security products, emerging threats may go unnoticed
  • Manual Incident Response tasks slow down response times, putting your organization at risk
  • Working across disparate security products slows down incident response
  • New Threats Emerge Daily, Making Security Research a Constant Need.
  • Unaware about cyber-attack
  • Evidence tampering due to lack of knowledge
  • Questionable evidences in court of law
  • Brand reputation damage
  • Segregation of duties
  • Risk of owner identification


Our Incident Response (IR) services help you prepare for, manage, and recover from data breaches and network attacks. Our experienced team uses the latest security technology to respond to attacks and reduce damage and exposure. ANA Cyber Forensic incident responders investigate attacks, contain the impact, take immediate remediation actions by collaborating with your organization team, and finally restore data and systems to a protected state. With our qualified staff members and state-of-the-art technology platform, we are always ready and equipped to respond and coordinate your cyber defense.

ANA Cyber Forensic experts assist a customer’s incident response team in handling the incidents effectively as below

  • Preparation: The organization educates users and IT staff about the importance of updated security measures and trains them to respond to computer and network security incidents efficiently and in a precise manner.
  • Identification: The response team is activated to decide whether a particular event is, in fact, a security incident. The team may contact the CERT Coordination Center which, tracks Internet security activity and has the updated/latest information on viruses and worms.
  • Containment: The team determines how far the problem has spread and contains the problem by disconnecting all affected systems and devices to prevent further damage. The team investigates in order to discover the origin of the incident. The root cause of the problem is ascertained and all traces of malicious code are removed.
  • Recovery: Data and software are restored from clean backup files, ensuring that no vulnerabilities remain. Systems are monitored for any sign of weakness or recurrence.
  • Lessons learned: The team analyzes the incident and assesses whether it was handled in the desired manner, making recommendations for superior response in the future and for preventing a recurrence.

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