Mobile Application Security Testing

The use of smart phones and mobile applications has significantly increased in the last few years. With mobile apps, we can play games, book a flight, socialize, and buy groceries. With the advent of 3G and 4G networks smart phones are increasingly used for financial, business and social transactions, for accessing the Internet and for media consumption. However, the security threats associated with smart phones and for the applications installed in them are quite high. Safety of end user downloading and installing mobile applications, which are distributed through mobile application stores, is a security issue. The mobile application stores need to ensure safe and secure mobile application experience to their customers. Security testing of mobile applications thus becomes an important requirement along with reduced test cycle time.


  • A security breach in the mobile application can lead to data theft, IP theft, unauthorized access, and fraud.
  • From the business perspective imperfect mobile app security, can lead to dissatisfied customers, revenue loss, and eventually tarnished brand image.
  • Most of the mobile applications are made in iOS, Android, or Windows environment. But there are different versions of each Operating System (OS) which have a different set of vulnerabilities.
  • A mobile application can accept data from all kinds of sources. In the absence of sufficient encryption, attackers could modify inputs such as cookies and environment variables.
  • The servers on which your application is hosted should have security measures to prevent unauthorized users from accessing data.


Our mobile application security testing expertise discovers malicious or potentially risky vulnerabilities in your mobile applications, keeping your business and customers secure against cyber-attacks. Our expertise combines multiple security testing tools like automated scans and in-depth manual tests to get the most comprehensive security assessment of your client-side applications. We also perform various types of high-quality penetration tests across many different types of software at scale. Our mobile security specialist team understands the particular risks mobile application providers face. We help you build more secure and fast-paced development process required to succeed in the competitive mobile marketplace. We provide you assessment depth flexibility to address your release frequency and assessment requirements.

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