Vulnerability Assessment is the process of detecting, measuring, and listing the vulnerabilities in a system. Remediation & patching of the vulnerabilities identified is necessary for securing your company information and assets.

ANA Cyber Forensic Pvt Ltd, Vulnerability Assessment (VA) service helps you identify the vulnerabilities which exist on the network and Hosts. It covers network equipment like routers, switches, firewalls etc. and operating systems like Windows, Solaris, Linux and others. While a penetration testing provides external view of security status, the vulnerability assessment service provides detailed internal security issues arising from insecure configurations, weak setting, and policy non-compliance on your IT assets.


  • The new vulnerabilities that are discovered every day, issues of poor configuration management, rogue servers, and blurred network boundaries.
  • Organizations merge with and absorb other companies, their networks are typically joined together, but never truly homogenized.
  • Are you aware that the number of vulnerabilities in your operating systems, devices, and applications are extremely high?
  • Did you know that unattended vulnerabilities will expose your business to data leakage / theft and can result in costly down time due to malicious attacks?
  • Is it possible to identify these vulnerabilities periodically and patch them to avoid being attacked by hackers?
  • These vulnerabilities can be used by hackers to launch different attacks on your organization network, websites and servers.


Our team of highly qualified and experienced security professionals performs accurate internal and external vulnerability assessments across network devices, servers, web applications, databases, and other critical assets either on premise or in a cloud environment with the goal to help your organization to improve your existing security posture and reduce the risk of a successful attack. Our vulnerability assessment service uses a combination of state-of-art tools like Accunetix, Metasploit Pro, Nessus Professional, Kali Linux etc., and our experienced ethical hackers with appropriate certifications.

Our expert team helps our customers to identify and take action on vulnerabilities and weaknesses in their IT assets and Information Security Management System (ISMS). We conduct black box, gray box, and white hat assessment to help customers to improve their infrastructure security. Our expert team removes the false positive vulnerabilities and gives you an accurate, actionable report to implement remediation activities.

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